Laptop Lockups

Computer, Help, IT Support, Annapolis, MD, Network,Bless the little laptops.  Their tiny brains sometimes get so confused.  If your laptop is unresponsive to the power on/off button, perform this simple procedure and most of the time you will be back on the air in a minute or so.

  • First, unplug the  AC adapter from your laptop.
  • Second,close the top, if opened, and flip it upside down, carefully now.
  • Next, find the battery which is usually at the hinge side of the laptop.
  • Fourth, find the battery-release, spring-loaded latch(es). <!–more–>
  • Fifth, push them simultaneously to the unlock position and remove the battery.
  • Sixth, count to ten and replace the battery.
  • Seventh, flip the laptop back right side up and reconnect the AC adapter.

Reboot and you’re golden… usually.

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