AirPrint is Slick

I’m getting to like AirPrint, a protocol which allows iTOYs such as iPADs, iPHONEs, and certain iPODs to print directly to a networked printer without having a clumsy printing App.  We use it in our house with all of the above.  Just yesterday I was at a customer’s house who was having a hard time printing from her first-generation iPAD.  Sometime in the past someone had installed a printing App for her which required transferring what you wanted to print to the App via the clipboard.  Ugh!  I attached my iPhone to their WiFi and printed a document easily.  I then looked at her iPAD.  An iPAD as old as hers cannot upgrade to iOS 6, but it can run iOS 5.1.1.  She was on 3.something.  The solution was to install iTunes on her desktop PC and run the updates.  Now she can print as easily as I could.  In most Apps like Safari, email, and Photos you will see a small box with an outgoing arrow. computer repair,Help,Annapolis, MD  Tap this box and a menu will come up with several options.  One that is useful for Photos is to mail it to yourself.  The only problem at the receiving end is that if you send several photos this way and save them they all have the same name, Photo.  Therefore you have to rename them.  Back to printing… One option will be to print.  Tap this and you will get a box asking you to select a printer.  Tap this.  The first time it will scan your network for AirPrint compatible printers.

To run AirPrint you need, of course, an AirPrint compatible printer from this list.  If your printer is on the list and is properly connected to your home network and AirPrint doesn’t work, you probably need a firmware which is free from your printer manufacturer.  You also might need to call me to do it for you.

Joe Wood

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