MAC Users Aren’t Immune to Viruses

Recently a new virus emerged from the primordial goo directed at the MAC world.  It takes the form of an image or JPEG, but it also contains installable code specifically for a MAC with the Intel chips.  This emphasizes the point that you should never open an attachment that you aren’t expecting from someone you more »

Malware – Quick Definitions

Malware is a generic term for all types of software that the bad guys use to attack your computer for their nefarious purposes.  Some of these yo-yos are just pimply faced guys living in their mother’s basements trying to get creds with other hackers by bragging on their bulletin boards.  Others want to take over more »


If your PC is a bot or has been attached to a bot network, it means that you have been infected with malware that puts your machine under the control of a master machine somewhere in the world.  There are claims that some bot-nets are composed of millions of PCs. There are two main uses more »

A Recent Event

Recently a customer came to me with a laptop running Vista.  Neither the keyboard nor the touchpad worked.  That was the simple part.  I plugged in an external USB keyboard and mouse, then, after they had been discovered and installed, I went to the Device Manager and removed the keyboard and touchpad.  After a reboot more »