Geek to go … Gives Away Free iPAD

In 2012 we ran a promotion that gave customers a shot at a free iPAD.  Here’s how it worked: If an existing customer gave a recommendation of Geek to go … to a new customer, that referring customer’s name was put in a hat for a year-end drawing. This time the B. family’s name came more »

Wowie Zowie. An SSD really kicks it

Every once in a while I treat myself to a new toy.  This time it was a Solid State Drive, SSD, or a computer disk with no moving parts based on flash memory technology.  I replaced the existing 120 GB regular drive in my 5-year-old Toshiba laptop with the SSD, created a partition on it, more »

AirPrint is Slick

I’m getting to like AirPrint, a protocol which allows iTOYs such as iPADs, iPHONEs, and certain iPODs to print directly to a networked printer without having a clumsy printing App.  We use it in our house with all of the above.  Just yesterday I was at a customer’s house who was having a hard time more »

Wired is Always Better

Many of my customers have heard me opine that if at all possible at least one connection to their router should be hard-wired Ethernet over UTP, Unshielded Twisted Pair.  Many of the reasons for this are given in this excellent Wall Street Journal article.  This is the main reason why I went to the trouble more »

The World Wide Web is now 21 Years Old

Yesterday August 7, 2012 was the twenty-first anniversary of the first public World Wide Web posting on the internet by Tim Berners-Lee who worked at CERN in Switzerland. I wasn’t aware of this event but less than a year later I was introduced to MOSAIC the precursor to Netscape and in turn Firefox, which I more »

Speeding Things Up – Multiple Cores

In a prior article I talked about what manufacturers can do when they improve their processing.  One thing they can do is to replicate the processors on a single chip.  You have a good design for the processor and essentially you just cookie cutter the thing across the chip.  “Joe, how does this speed things more »